Dan Sotelo has always had a passion for anything on two wheels. At an early age Dan started road-racing motorcycles in Southern California and soon became a podium regular in his class. Dan's first introduction to cycling was at LA's famous Griffith Park and the Rose Bowl training rides, when criterium races were all the rage. Dan soon became a regular and shortly found himself on the Category 1 professional race circuit competing throughout California and Mexico.

A few years (and several pounds) later, Dan gave up professional racing to combine the natural mechanical abilities he honed while tuning his motorcycles with his love of cycling. He has founded several companies, including onZa, Maxxis and Seattle Tool Company. Dan was the inventor of "bar ends" a handlebar accessory for mountain bikes that has now become standard equipment. He has consulted with many companies including Shimano and Panaracer on a variety of topics including tire design and manufacturing.

In 2000 Dan moved to Mercer Island with his wife of the time and opened a combination bike shop and music studio. The music studio is now gone, but Dan's eclectic bike shop remains and Dan is doing what he loves - working on bikes and spreading his knowledge and excitement of cycling to everyone he comes in contact with.

Whether it is adjusting the training wheels on your toddler’s first bike, replacing the chain of a well-worn weekend warrior or fine tuning that team issue Italian job, you will get the same expertise, excitement and attention to detail that has made Dan Sotelo an industry and Mercer Island icon.

Allez et Bonne Route